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My doctor, an MD, recommended seeing Lynn as a way to manage my stress, which was identified as a contributing factor to my thyroid condition. Lynn tuned into my system immediately, and I began to notice benefits from the very first sessions: I was calmer and more aware of my body's responses to stress. After seeing her regularly for over a year, I still come away from every session more balanced and centered with greater self-awareness.
- Emily Bruce

My work with Lynn continues to amaze me. She helps balance my emotions and shift energetic blocks when I feel them. One nice thing about her work is I don’t have to verbally process the emotion to find relief. She moves the stuck energy, and I begin to feel better. Sometimes healing is that simple. As an acupuncturist I find her work to be incredibly important. I send my patients to see her when the occasion arises. It is all about moving energy and removing stuckness. Lynn makes my life easier and more peaceful. I am sure she can do the same for you.
- Ryan Nitz

I've been going to Lynn for a few years now for help with a brain injury. I just had my first distance session with her since Covid has limited in-person options. Before the session, I was crying frequently and feeling depleted. There was an ache in my heart that was very heavy. After talking with her and doing a distance session, I feel like myself again. Her insight and techniques are subtle, profound, and lasting. I wish I could work with her every week!
- Callie Kimball

I have been seeing Lynn, in person, for over ten years. I have had two distance sessions with Lynn since the stay at home order has meant in person sessions are impossible. I was delighted at the relief I felt after the first session and amazed that the effect was even deeper after the second session. I was calmer, my GI system was more settled and I was energized. I am grateful to have this care available.
- Emily Walsek

Regular energy treatments with Lynn, as well as her personal support, are an integral part of my continued physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Lynn's work has helped me identify and release old trauma and injury from my body, and with her help I have learned how I can support my body's own healing. Her work complements both conventional western medicine and traditional eastern medicine to maximize their effectiveness in improving my overall health.
- Diane Edgecomb

Lynn Breckinridge's energy therapy is at once gentle and powerful. Her work has been most effective in releasing pain and allowing me once again to enjoy daily life. She is extraordinarily attuned to my mind and body.
- Peg Brown